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Hi Karolina! How is life with you? I was thinking of you as it is about a year since we did our photo shoot and how life has moved on since then for everyone I think! The pictures you did for me have been so amazing. They still really capture the essence of the energy I wanted to convey. So I just thought I would let you know and say thank you again. It was such fun that day...I think we were damn good co creators! ~ Elizabeth Gilmour, The School of Flow

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About the Brand Photographer

I’m Karolina. Originally from Poland, I’m now based in a sunny corner of Scotland by the sea: Dalgety Bay, Fife. I serve clients all over Scotland, from Dundee to Edinburgh and further afield. Since running successful photography businesses focusing on family and corporate headshot photography, I diversified into personal branding. I love to go beyond the conventional portraits and dive into the juicy stuff – your brand. 

I work with creative, soulful clients who want to be seen but need a gentle hand to guide them and tease out their best in their images. 

It’s not sorcery – it’s a subtle blend of skill, experience and intuition.  I’m not here for generic photography, and my clients aren’t either.

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What I do 

With 10 years of professional, portrait and family photography experience under my beautiful handcrafted leather belt, I know exactly how important elegant and on-brand photography is for your business.

Because in this digital world, it’s simply not enough to have a website. You need a brand. It needs to look good and tell your story. Yes, yes, yes. I know how challenging and vulnerable it is to show up, show your face, and use your voice. Having an online presence makes a lot of people uncomfortable. 

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Through my photography, I empower entrepreneurs to share their brilliance fully with the world. I help business owners to embrace themselves, connect with their brand, and connect with the camera to tell their story. It’s what I’ve loved doing and gotten really damn good at for the last 1900 days.



Who I work with

I work with bold and brave creatives, entrepreneurs and independent small businesses to create beautiful photos and headshots that build your brand and ensure it stands out against the noise. 

If you’re anything like me, you love freedom and the thrill of following your own path. My work is about capturing your spirit and energy and translating it into powerful imagery which tells your story. Compelling brand photography helps you connect with your audience and attract exactly the kind of client you thrive working with. 

Whether you love the camera, or are terrified of it, I want to help you feel relaxed and comfortable so that you can enjoy your day. 

So if you’re looking for beautiful imagery to boost your brand, that tells your story and can help you connect with the world, I’d love to help you. 

Shoot me an email and we can set up a time to chat. 

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