Make up for head shots. What should it look like, how much or how little should I wear?

Ladies, keep your makeup matte. Pearly or mettalic makeup products don’t photograph well in natural light, they make the face look oily.

Be careful with contouring, too much and it might look like bruising in photos.

You can go slightly heavier on mascara to create beautiful framing for your eyes. Eyeliner will add contrast and depth to your eyes, just what we want.

Blusher is great as it adds freshness to your look, but go easy with it.

Lipstick will create polished look, but make sure it’s applied evenly to both upper and bottom lip.

Gentlemen, if you have oily skin, remember to bring a tissue to refresh your face before your shoot.

TIP: Few days before the shoot start moisturizing your face as much as you can.  Drink a lot of spring/mineral water-it will make your skin and hair look healthier. Avoid alcohol and have an early night the day before your shoot.

Be very careful with fake tan, smudges and yellow skin tones do not look natural or fresh.

If you would like more information including the cost of head shots you can find it on our dedicated HEADSHOT SERVICES page.

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