Personal brand photography Edinburgh – Elizabeth Gilmour- The school of Flow

Last year I had the joy of working with Elizabeth Gilmour, career and leadership coach. She has sent me this wonderful testimonial after her shoot:

“I am blown away by the photographs Karolina has done for me for my new website. I chose Karolina because I was looking for a photographer who understood that my photos needed to convey my energy, as that is what my business is built on…as is the business of all soul driven entrepreneurs…I have to say, I choose extremely well. She intuitively understood what I was trying to create without me really having to explain. We had so much fun shooting the photos. And when I look at them, they emanate exactly the energy I wanted to get across!”~ Elizabeth Gilmour

I have asked Elizabeth to give some tips to my future clients: Here is what she said:
    • What I am glad I did: Listening to my favourite music on the way to the shoot and during it which helped me to feel confident and happy.
    • What I would do differently: take photos of myself before the shoot in my intended choice of clothes for the shoot as the first top I choose to wear did not look like I thought it would on camera at all.

Are you ready for the next chapter in your business? Want to get your photography up to date? Message me and we’ll find a time to explore your best brand shoot!

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