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The brief was simple: only real stuff, no BS, no pretending doing anything. Real, raw, honest.

Earlier this year I got to spend two half days with Kain Ramsay, and it's only fair to admit that this shoot changed my life. Not often I meet people who bypass the small talk and go straight for the deep stuff, challenge me, change my perception of things I believed to be true my whole life. I never seem to walk out of Kain's home without a book + a book recommendation. This was our second brand shoot together, the result of the first one is on the jacket of his recent book:

Kain sent me this:

"I needed a photographer who could work with me to capture photos that would reflect my developing personal brand.I first worked with Karolina back in 2019, and her work quality is no less now than it was then. Karolina is a pleasure to work with, creative, and innovative, as well as having a natural eye for catching "real." I'd encourage any professional looking to level-up their branding to hire Karolina."

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