We judge people by appearances whether we like it or not and we get judged too in the same way. We live in a visual world and the new scary statistic says it takes 1.5 second to judge the website and decide if we are staying or moving on. 1.5 sec! I swear it used to be 5 seconds not that long ago.

Imagine you are looking for a new hairdressing salon. Your friends recommended two different places and you visit their websites.

First website you land on has an outdated fonts, LOTS of text, few thumbnail photos of random hairstyles  and About section has a selfie of the salon owner on a sunny beach with a glass of wine in her hand.

My guess is you move on.

Second website you land on has a clean modern look and in ABOUT section you see friendly faces of staff, you can read a bit about them and learn what they specialise in. If you choose to book a cut at this salon you will go in there already knowing the faces that will greet you.

Visual aspect of every brand is critical these days. Your audience wants to get to know you, like you and trust you. Please don’t stand in their way!

Average doesn’t cut it anymore, neither do general stock photos. We need to show what makes You brilliant at what You do, so you can share your service or product with pride and enthusiasm. You have to show that you are professional, but you don’t lack personality. Great business portrait will help you make the right impact on right people.

All sounds great and you would be ready to book your own branding photoshoot BUT YOU JUST HATE HAVING PHOTOS TAKEN!  I hear you and I’m ready to hear it again and again:)  READ HERE

Karolina, photographer for businesses

female photographer sitting with her camera

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