What to do if you hate having your photos taken

All is great, but you just hate having photos taken! You know you need a professional photographs for your business, but there is no way you will willingly put yourself through it.

I hear it so often and I get you. Here is the thing though: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. If you have something to offer/say/sell – it’s all about your offer and your business portrait is just another business tool. Get out of the way!

You still hate having photos taken…

Tell me why. Let’s talk about your fears and address them. Let’s discuss bits of you that you are not so keen on and we can work around them through posing, light and lens choice.

OK, you might even try this, but you are not photogenic and you are just awkward in front of the camera.

You wouldn’t know how to pose, what to do with your hands, should you smile or not, where to look…I’ve got your back, there is nothing you need to know prior to your shoot.

I will guide you through every step of your shoot from pre-shoot consultation, choosing locations, outfits, props and during your shoot I will pose you in the way that best works for you.

Karolina, photographer for businesses

My Uncorporate BUSINESS PORTRAIT DAY is on Tuesday, 29 October 2019

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