Personal branding photography

is a relatively new term. It’s a service provided for individuals and small business who have an online presence. Personal branding photography is a visual way of explaining to your potential clients what it is like to work with you, what your values are and what do you have to offer. It supports your website and social media copy.


Pretty much any individual providing a service or selling a product which requires an introduction to potential client or explaining why the product/service is worth considering. Examples are: yoga teacher, physiotherapist, nail artist, speaker, book author, life coach, financial advisor, actor.


We start by talking (most often on the phone). We learn about you, your business, the way you help people, the values that keep you going. We find out about where you want to use your photographs and if you require any specific type of shots (maybe you would like a photo of you speaking on the phone to use on your contact page? maybe you meet your clients in the local coffee shop and would love a photograph there, or you have a website for which you will need a set of long narrow slides?)


When discussing your photo shoot we will get an idea of how many photographs you might need. You will see a good selection of images in an online gallery, on the day of your shoot. You can then select photos that you would like to purchase. Each photograph will be delivered as a high resolution file ready for printing and a website version of the file (smaller in size so it loads faster online). You may order photos in sets as listed below. All photographs will be edited by a professional service before they are delivered to you within 10 days after you have made your choices and completed the order.


  • Photo shoot & 10 digital photographs   £375 (additional single photograph £40)
  • Photo shoot & 20 digital photographs   £700 (additional single photograph £35)
  • Photo shoot & 30 digital photographs   £950 (additional single photograph £25)

£150 booking fee is required to secure your preferred date and time. Booking fee will be used towards your photographic order. Invoice and receipt will provided.

Prices include: VAT, consultation so we can get a clear picture of your business, head shots if required, colour correction and basic editing of all ordered photographs, online gallery available within 24 hours after the shoot, ordered photographs ready within 10 days, digital photographs delivered via file transfer, images are not watermarked.

Prices exclude:

  • cosmetic retouching  (£20 per photograph) when you require extensive retouching e.g. removal of a tattoo.
  • rush service: photographs delivered in 48 hours (£195 for up to 10 photographs)

BOOK personal branding photography or get in touch to ask any questions.