What to wear for headshots must be the question I get asked most often. And it’s a great question to ask!

Choice of clothing for your headshots is incredibly important.

Consider few things:

FORMAL or INFORMAL How do you clients get to see you in the real life? are you a jeans and a sweater type of guy? or do you wear a suit and a tie when meeting client?

COLOUR should work well with your complextion, hair colour, your branding colours and background you will be photographed on.

NECKLINE V neck and open top buttons of blouse will visually elongate the neck, boat neck will make your shoulder appear wider, turtle neck might make your neck look shorter.

SLEEVES if you don’t like your arms, make sure they are covered by a long sleve. tie or no tie? if you appear in both formal and more casual situations at work it’s worth having both.

Few days before, try on clothes you are planning to wear, including undergarments. Does everything fit well? Can you breath? Can you sit down comfortably? Take a photo of yourself in a mirror, do you like what you are seeing? Will it work well on the backdrop you selected?

As a general rule, light coloured clothes photograph well on light colour backdrops, and darker clothes on dark backdrops.

TIP: Most of the time fitted, plain coloured clothes photograph better than loose and/or patterned ones.

More information about headshots is available on our headshot page.

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