Portraits, headshots, photos. I take them for other people and I love doing it. Connecting with others on a deeper level (as it usually happens during photoshoot) feeds my energy and keeps me happy.

When I get a feedback like this, I tear up:

“Wow! I’ve only managed to have a quick look at them on my phone but even at that I’m thinking there is more than one to choose from!!! This is amazing as I usually struggle to find even one that I can live with let alone like!!! Thank you so much Karolina, you are an absolute miracle worker! I have NEVER been spoilt for choice for photos before. You really are a miracle worker. ” ~ Jen 


“Aww wow, I’m so super chuffed how they turned out. I usually hate my profile but I think those ones are actually my favs. Thank you for this little confidence boost .” ~ Chrissie

I tell every business owner that they can’t hide behind logo. We know that people buy from people. Guess what was in my facebook page profile space? MY LOGO!

I tried to find a photographer in the past but no one would mirror my energy (it sounds woo-woo but it’s REAL). Recently I was blessed to have been put in touch with a local photographer who I clicked with. And it was a woman (important for me, in my head only another woman would appreciate how I felt about having photos taken and about my nose). We scheduled a date to take headshots for each other.

Here is my post from before shoot:

“a brain dump from a self employed mother:

  • I need to dye my hair before Thursday to get my headshots done. My husband pointed out: “You have a lot of grey hair.”   A**
  • I need to decide what to wear for my headshots: it needs to be professional enough but still relaxed, friendly and approachable. I hate shopping. I have nothing to wear.
  • I am taking headshots of a photographer on Thursday as well. She is great. I feel like shit/not good enough/ bluffing. She took photos of Keira Knightley in the past. You get me here I hope.
  • What do I wear for my headshots!? oh, I said it already.”

Guess what. I didn’t go shopping, I didn’t dye my hair. I didn’t make it a priority and so it didn’t happen.

I wore a blouse I got from local charity shop at £5 and my favourite jacket. My hair is grey at the top, brown in the middle, copper at the bottom. And you know what? I freaking LOVE my headshots! I also love headshots I took for the other photographer. We had fun and we looked weird doing it.

It was a great lesson too!

  1. You MUST like the person who photographs you. If you don’t like me, don’t book me please.
  2. I photographed the most beautiful, young, slim girls in the past. They all complained about something in them! There is always gonna be something, so let’s just do it!
  3. I was going to loose 10 pounds in one week, from the time we scheduled the shoot until the shoot took place. To my surprise the loosing weight didn’t happen.  I LOVE my headshots anyway!
  4. Light is so important! The location we found wasn’t impressive at first sight, but we could see that LIGHT. In the past I was sometimes in a  position to shoot in a place with light that was less than perfect because it was convenient for my models. The results weren’t optimal and I would feel disappointed. I won’t compromise on it anymore. 
  5. Serving someone from the same industry is not easy, the comparison curse kicked in, made me doubt myself.
  6. I discovered that I don’t own a mascara. I guess it smudges the viewfinder and I live with the camera in my hand, so it makes sense.
  7. The little confidence boost from liking your own photos is not so little! I’m loving it! I want to share my headshots, write some blog posts, get some loving attention on social media.

female photographer sitting with her camera

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