I know, I know. I’m with you!  75% of people I photograph introduce themselves as :

Hi, I am …  I hate having my photos taken!

Why is that? Often because of bad selfies and snaps or holiday photos taken by other people without warning. We just don’t look that good in most photos so we create opinion that we are not photogenic.

BUT HERE IS THE THING: Statistics show that we are much more likely to get in touch with a professional who has a good portrait on their website or in an online directory. We usually choose a person over a logo. We want to know who to expect when we meet them face to face. Good photograph builds trust and allows us to feel more comfortable with them. People want to do business with people!

Those who show their face (looking their best self)  are perceived as authentic, open, transparent, trust building and self confident. Know this, having a good photograph of yourself can be very empowering. It can boost your self confidence.

A good professional photographer (that would be me)  knows how to pose you, how to discover what your head shots should say about you, how to make you look like your best self. You don’t need to know what to do, where to look, how to pose, it’s a role of photographer. Relax, book your head shots and improve your brand.

So GET OVER YOURSELF:) It’s not about you, it’s about your audience, your business and your profit.

Your potential clients don’t care if you hate your arms, if you need to gain or lose weight, if your nose is too long. They want to see YOU!

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