Should you wear glasses or not for your head shots? Let me answer this for you.

If you only wear your glasses sometimes, it’s best to take them off for your head shots.

If you never take your glasses off then keep them on. Most glasses have non reflective filters on and they won’t cause any trouble.

What are you glasses like? place yourself near window and look towards window light and ask some to look at your glasses. Are they seeing your eyes clearly? or are they seeing view reflected in your glasses? You might also ask someone to take a simple photo of you with mobile telephone and check this yourself. Now you can decide for yourself.

If glasses get a lot of reflection, it takes some time to find best angle to minimise this effect as this will cause your eyes to not be seen very clearly in the photo.

To summarize: 1) take your glasses off if you can, 2) it's OK to wear non-reflective glasses, 3) if your glasses get a lot of reflection but you want to wear them-be patient while we look for the best angle.

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