MIBA headshots

Hello MIBA Fife 🙂

I feel super honoured to be part of your circle and excited to have been invited to the next meeting (SUNDAY the 9th of June) in Fife to take headshots for you.

A great photo in your profile will make someone want to get to know you, and that’s our goal! Let me help you because selfie is not going to cut it. Neither is your wedding photo with your other half cropped out (I’m sure you looked stunning though!). It’s time for an update!

Few days ago I went to see the venue: Mutch More Active gym

I played a bit unfair and decided to test the light on our lovely Annie and Helima (the gym owner). They got no warning, no make up, not even a look in the mirror. That was a bit nasty, I admit, but just look at them!

On Sunday I am going to set up a studio backdrop there, because gym as a backdrop might not work for everyone attending.

I will photograph each of you during few minute long shoot, fully guided to bring the best out of you. You will then receive a private online gallery (I’m gonna need your email address to send you the link-your business card might work well for that). I will gift you (100% free-gift-you) your favourite shot. There will be an option to purchase extras if you just can’t choose.


Wear something that makes you feel good, that represents your brand and you would wear to meet your client.

Some rules are: V neck and open top buttons of blouse will visually elongate the neck, boat neck will make your shoulder appear wider, turtle neck might make your neck look shorter. Avoid very thin stripes (cameras struggle with it) and big logos (they will take attention off your face).

You can bring a scarf and a jacket which we can add and remove to mix things up a bit.

I will photograph you using grey backdrop, so any colour that works with your complexion and brand will photograph well. If you are after a lighter background colour we can step outside, as long as it’s dry.

Keep your make up matte. Pearly or mettalic makeup products don’t photograph well in natural light, they can make the face look oily.

Your hands will show in the photos so you might want to tidy up your nails.

Let me know if you have any questions!

I can’t wait to SHOOT you!


Let’s talk!!