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Dressing your message by Sustainable Stylist and Closet Coach

Wardrobe is one of the most important puzzle pieces when it comes to organising a branding shoot or even a headshot and it’s the piece that can make or break your photograph. I have asked Kaiza, a Sustainable Stylist and Closet Coach from Simplify Your Closet  to give us a professional advice on What to wear to the branding shoot and she agreed! Below is a great amount of useful info, but if you would like a virtual personalised session with Kaiza you can reach out to her. She truly knows what she talks about and is just a very lovely person to talk to.

Anyway, here is what Kaiza says:


Is your brand corporate, feminine, trendy, for children etc.? Think about how to convey your services or products with your clothes. A soft floral dress will give a conflicting image if you are speaking to corporate clients. In the same way a conservative outfit might be too strict if you are in a creative industry. Think about how you can ‘Dress your Message’!


Try to go with classic, timeless styles rather than what is trending right now. If it is on trend it will very likely look dated in six months. How long do you want your photos to be relevant?


Colours that lifts you, that works with your skin tone, will always be flattering. The deeper the shade, the better. Neutrals are always a good option as well and you can choose to add pops of colour with accessories or makeup. Also keep your brand colours in mind, are they soft, light, bright or darker, richer and heavier. You can reflect this without exact colour matching.


Patterns can sometimes be a tricky option. Small stripes for example is hard for the camera to pick up. Patterns can also distract away from your face. Unless patterns is something that ties in well with your brand it is best to opt for a solid colour instead.


Think about what kind of background you will be taking your photos in. Is there going to be a dominant colour there? If so, pick a colour that will be a contrast to this. Also, think about the setting, is it rustic, nature, industrial? How will what you wear work with this?


When it comes to the shape of the clothes it is much more flattering to go with something fitted and tailored, rather than loose and bulky. It might look great when you are walking in a flowy dress but in a still picture this might look shapeless and big. A very clingy material might also be hard to work with.


You might be placing your hands on your hips or holding a cup etc, think about keeping your nails clean. You can always go with a neutral colour or french style manicure especially if you are going to change outfits.


Do a quick polish to give them a lift and don’t forget to look underneath them too just in case there are any labels or stickers left.


Bring accessories that can change an outfit easily like earrings, bags, scarves or headbands. Adding accessories will also make you look more polished and put together.


If you are using makeup, don’t be afraid of adding a little bit more than normal, this will look great in photos. Avoid shiny or glittery makeup as this can look oily in photos. Bring a brush or comb for the last minute final touch, especially good to do if you have a fringe.

Check out Kaiza’s website HERE

and her fun Instagram channel HERE




All is great, but you just hate having photos taken! You know you need a professional photographs for your business, but there is no way you will willingly put yourself through it.

I hear it so often and I get you. Here is the thing though: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. If you have something to offer/say/sell – it’s all about your offer and your business portrait is just another business tool. Get out of the way!

You still hate having photos taken…

Tell me why. Let’s talk about your fears and address them. Let’s discuss bits of you that you are not so keen on and we can work around them through posing, light and lens choice.

OK, you might even try this, but you are not photogenic and you are just awkward in front of the camera.

You wouldn’t know how to pose, what to do with your hands, should you smile or not, where to look…I’ve got your back, there is nothing you need to know prior to your shoot.

I will guide you through every step of your shoot from pre-shoot consultation, choosing locations, outfits, props and during your shoot I will pose you in the way that best works for you.

Karolina, photographer for businesses

My Uncorporate BUSINESS PORTRAIT DAY is on Tuesday, 29 October 2019!


Why you need business portraits

We judge people by appearances whether we like it or not and we get judged too in the same way. We live in a visual world and the new scary statistic says it takes 1.5 second to judge the website and decide if we are staying or moving on. 1.5 sec! I swear it used to be 5 seconds not that long ago.

Imagine you are looking for a new hairdressing salon. Your friends recommended two different places and you visit their websites.

First website you land on has an outdated fonts, LOTS of text, few thumbnail photos of random hairstyles  and About section has a selfie of the salon owner on a sunny beach with a glass of wine in her hand.

My guess is you move on.

Second website you land on has a clean modern look and in ABOUT section you see friendly faces of staff, you can read a bit about them and learn what they specialise in. If you choose to book a cut at this salon you will go in there already knowing the faces that will greet you.

Visual aspect of every brand is critical these days. Your audience wants to get to know you, like you and trust you. Please don’t stand in their way!

Average doesn’t cut it anymore, neither do general stock photos. We need to show what makes You brilliant at what You do, so you can share your service or product with pride and enthusiasm. You have to show that you are professional, but you don’t lack personality. Great business portrait will help you make the right impact on right people.

All sounds great and you would be ready to book your own branding photoshoot BUT YOU JUST HATE HAVING PHOTOS TAKEN!  I hear you and I’m ready to hear it again and again:)  READ HERE

Karolina, photographer for businesses

female photographer sitting with her camera

My own headshots

Portraits, headshots, photos. I take them for other people and I love doing it. Connecting with others on a deeper level (as it usually happens during photoshoot) feeds my energy and keeps me happy.

When I get a feedback like this, I tear up:

“Wow! I’ve only managed to have a quick look at them on my phone but even at that I’m thinking there is more than one to choose from!!! This is amazing as I usually struggle to find even one that I can live with let alone like!!! Thank you so much Karolina, you are an absolute miracle worker! I have NEVER been spoilt for choice for photos before. You really are a miracle worker. ” ~ Jen 


“Aww wow, I’m so super chuffed how they turned out. I usually hate my profile but I think those ones are actually my favs. Thank you for this little confidence boost .” ~ Chrissie

I tell every business owner that they can’t hide behind logo. We know that people buy from people. Guess what was in my facebook page profile space? MY LOGO!

I tried to find a photographer in the past but no one would mirror my energy (it sounds woo-woo but it’s REAL). Recently I was blessed to have been put in touch with a local photographer who I clicked with. And it was a woman (important for me, in my head only another woman would appreciate how I felt about having photos taken and about my nose). We scheduled a date to take headshots for each other.

Here is my post from before shoot:

“a brain dump from a self employed mother:

  • I need to dye my hair before Thursday to get my headshots done. My husband pointed out: “You have a lot of grey hair.”   A**
  • I need to decide what to wear for my headshots: it needs to be professional enough but still relaxed, friendly and approachable. I hate shopping. I have nothing to wear.
  • I am taking headshots of a photographer on Thursday as well. She is great. I feel like shit/not good enough/ bluffing. She took photos of Keira Knightley in the past. You get me here I hope.
  • What do I wear for my headshots!? oh, I said it already.”

Guess what. I didn’t go shopping, I didn’t dye my hair. I didn’t make it a priority and so it didn’t happen.

I wore a blouse I got from local charity shop at £5 and my favourite jacket. My hair is grey at the top, brown in the middle, copper at the bottom. And you know what? I freaking LOVE my headshots! I also love headshots I took for the other photographer. We had fun and we looked weird doing it.

It was a great lesson too!

  1. You MUST like the person who photographs you. If you don’t like me, don’t book me please.
  2. I photographed the most beautiful, young, slim girls in the past. They all complained about something in them! There is always gonna be something, so let’s just do it!
  3. I was going to loose 10 pounds in one week, from the time we scheduled the shoot until the shoot took place. To my surprise the loosing weight didn’t happen.  I LOVE my headshots anyway!
  4. Light is so important! The location we found wasn’t impressive at first sight, but we could see that LIGHT. In the past I was sometimes in a  position to shoot in a place with light that was less than perfect because it was convenient for my models. The results weren’t optimal and I would feel disappointed. I won’t compromise on it anymore. 
  5. Serving someone from the same industry is not easy, the comparison curse kicked in, made me doubt myself.
  6. I discovered that I don’t own a mascara. I guess it smudges the viewfinder and I live with the camera in my hand, so it makes sense.
  7. The little confidence boost from liking your own photos is not so little! I’m loving it! I want to share my headshots, write some blog posts, get some loving attention on social media.

female photographer sitting with her camera

Would you like to have an amazing set of portraits for your business? Then let’s talk!

Glasses on or off for headshots

Should you wear glasses or not for your head shots? Let me answer this for you.

If you only wear your glasses sometimes, it’s best to take them off for your head shots.

If you never take your glasses off then keep them on. Most glasses have non reflective filters on and they won’t cause any trouble.

What are you glasses like? place yourself near window and look towards window light and ask some to look at your glasses. Are they seeing your eyes clearly? or are they seeing view reflected in your glasses? You might also ask someone to take a simple photo of you with mobile telephone and check this yourself. Now you can decide for yourself.

If glasses get a lot of reflection, it takes some time to find best angle to minimise this effect as this will cause your eyes to not be seen very clearly in the photo.

To summarize: 1) take your glasses off if you can, 2) it’s OK to  wear non reflective glasses, 3) if your glasses get a lot of reflection but you want to wear them-be patient while we look for the best angle.





Personal branding photographer gives tips on do’s and don’ts

As a personal branding photographer I can ensure you that this type of photography is more than pretty pictures on your website and facebook page! It is a visual message you send every time someone looks. Pictures you use should illustrate your values and the personality of your business. It should give your potential clients an idea of what it is like to work with you and who you are, not just what you look like.

Here are some quick ideas what to do and what to avoid when using photographs for your business:

DO: be consistent, distinctive, authentic, easy to recognise and remember, in line with your values and brand, use the same or similar profile picture across all platforms, for your photos wear something that makes you feel and look good, have photos of props or products you work with, use different photos on different website pages and blog posts, use good quality photos.

DON’T: use generic stock, low quality, selfies (pouting or not, selfies are good for your instagram but not for your professional page), outdated (have you changed hair style? lost weight? changed profession?), send a confusing message about who you are and what you do (if you love high heels and work from your  city office, don’t do a barefoot sunset photo shoot in nature setting), don’t use your fancy logo instead of your profile picture if you are a personal brand- people want to work with people.

Let’s talk!!