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Empowering business owners to be visible and confident about their online presence

Confidence has no competition 

I’ve always loved this quote, though I’m not exactly the extroverted, loud and bubbly person at the party. I’m happiest behind the camera, and I know how hard it can be to step out in front of it. But for a brand to succeed, the person at the helm must be two things: visible, and confident – or at least look it.

That’s what I help people with – feeling confident on camera, and translating that energy into beautiful, soulful images which craft your brand and your digital presence. 

I’ve honed this for years in photoshoots and know exactly what works to communicate and inspire confidence – and what doesn’t. 

Professional photography tip: Beautiful photography oozes confidence.  Invest in professional photography on your website with a photographer who you feel relaxed with. Save the selfies for your personal social media accounts.

Shine your light, girl 

In life, and in photography, I’m drawn to the light. I am easily mesmerised by a sunset over the sea, or a landscape lit up in golden light. Light is the key ingredient in any photograph, and using it is my superpower. 

I use natural light wherever I can to translate my client’s energy in an environment that is personal to them to create images that capture the magic, the personality and the brand my client represents. That’s how we light the whole damn thing up. 

Professional photography tip: Don’t worry if the sun isn’t shining on the day of your shoot. An overcast or cloudy day produces really soft light which is often very flattering… And this is exactly how I learned to embrace the lovely Scottish weather. 

Karolina Grabara photographer in a field

Ready to create magic? 

I’m a sucker for a good story

I love working with people, and through my family and newborn photography business, I became completely enthralled with the stories people would tell me. This led to a fascination with storytelling, and to brand photography where we create powerful images to tell stories which help elevate brands and ensure they stand out.

This can be a learning curve on the day of the shoot, especially if you’ve never had your picture taken professionally before. That’s why I take extra care to make my clients feel comfortable. My goal is to empower my clients to reveal their souls to tell their own story. 

I will guide you, but it’s your story I want to tell. 

Professional photography tip: Tell your favourite stories on your photoshoot – it will help relax you and allow you to connect even more to the camera. 


I don’t rush the good stuff 

Taking pictures is something we often rush – probably because it makes us a little uncomfortable to be in the spotlight. But I like to take the time to watch and to listen, to go beyond the obvious, to pick up on the little details which often are what tell the message and make the story come alive. This attention to detail might slow me down, but it’s how I’ll get the results you’ve been looking for. 

Professional photography tip: Bring to mind a memory that makes you smile when you’re having your photo taken, and share it with your photographer – this will bring the warmth and energy from your memory all the way up to your eyes. 

I’m most at home in the outdoors, and in deep contemplation 

When I eventually put my camera down, you’ll find me in the woods, immersed in nature. But I’ve got salt water in my veins, so I might also be down by the beach, contemplating the universe. And if I’m not there, I’ll be playing with my kids, screaming my head off with laughter. They mean the world to me. 

Life is messy, complicated and fun – and I ask you to embrace that. When you show me who you are, I’ll get it. And that’s exactly what I want to bring out in your photographs. 

Professional photography tip: Choose a photographer who’ll meet you where you’re at and not bore you (and your clients) with generic poses and bland shoot locations

How I work 

☞ Email me with your project, your ideas and your vision, and let’s set up a time to talk. 

☞ I’ll ask some questions to get to know you and your brand, and to get a feel for what kind of shoot you are looking for. If you know how you will use your images, for example lifestyle shots for social media, or banner images for your website, then I will ask you to provide the image dimensions you need. We will also organise the logistics and decide the shoot location.

☞ Leading up to the shoot, I will help you prepare. I can make recommendations for hair stylists, make up artists and even personal shoppers if you need. 

  On the day we will meet on location, and we can do a warm-up to help you feel comfortable on camera. My goal is to make you feel relaxed, as if you’re hanging out with a friend. This is the best way to capture you at your best. You might not even notice me taking the photos!

☞ After the shoot, I will send you a selection of images in a digital gallery for you to choose from. Once you’ve finalised your selection, I will edit and send the images over to you in the formats you need. 

☞ You use the images however you need, without any need to credit me. You receive a tonne of compliments on your new photography and overall feel fabulous.

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